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Today, the elderly are increasing in number as the life expectancy of the population increases. The state of the society has changed.

Older people are more alone. The change in body condition, according to age, reduced self-care performance, respectively. It is also necessary to have an elderly care center. To care for thier daily life to normal. With awareness of such problems and needs. Baan Ounruk Home Care Udonthani has established for elderly care center with more standards438222 2

To be useful to society. Make the elderly care properly and warm, so everyone in family can be happy togather. No need to worry about caring for the elderly and have more time to work. Have more improve for everyone life. 

We are very pleased to take care of your beloved person with warmth, serenity and family. By a team of assistant nurse, doctor, Nursing Specialist and the elderly care experience 24 hours a day. 

Baan Ounruk Home Care is the best place of caring for the elderly. For long stay and daily.